Our Solution

Our software platform enables the world’s most advanced computing environments. We’re fundamentally disrupting traditional enterprise computing, driving extreme improvements in processing speed, data storage, data security, and total cost of IT operations.

We break the historical boundary between compute and storage by reorganizing IO data structures into a more efficient pattern, benefiting the speed of computation while minimizing storage requirements.

By enabling persistent memory in our software without application code changes, applications get the benefit regardless of the operating system used (virtual) or filesystem involved.

Our patent-pending encoding method delivers massive gains in computing power and efficiency. As a result, our software reduces the amount of RAM required for computation, increasing compute speed by a factor of up to 10-20x in many operations, while processing exponentially more workload than other servers with the same CPU resources.

Formulus Bit Marker (FbM) technology – Innovative proprietary software, methods, and algorithms that significantly reduce memory footprint for user data, reduce I/O bottlenecks, and inherently provide natural security of the data.

ForCE stack – Complete software stack developed to support FbM technology and organize and manage volatile memory as non volatile memory.

BLINK software – Enables a complete infrastructure to be backed up, restored, or scaled up in minutes. Contains machines, applications, security settings, configurations and data – the complete machine state. 100% secure and only contain Symbolic bit Markers and proprietary metadata.

Data-intensive organizations in financial services, e-commerce, media & entertainment, healthcare, research and cloud services use these gains to become more agile, assert competitive advantage, and realize dramatic cost reductions related to server and network switch equipment, database licensing, energy, and other infrastructure capex/opex.

Beyond increased computing power and bottom-line impact, we represent a foundational alternative to the mosaic of data security point solutions. Our encoding method essentially disseminates data to an illegible form until reconstructed when recalled, providing native security during compute as well as to data at rest.