Stay In Memory with FORSA

A New Paradigm for Data-Centric Computing:
In-Memory Storage Virtualization

Formulus Black is a venture-backed startup with an ambitious vision for data-centric computing. Our award-winning software-defined solution, FORSA, is a ground-breaking software stack that enables any workload to run in memory, without modification, and helps companies find new ways to speed up storage access and harness the full power of today’s processors.

Formulus Black has changed the storage game by incorporating Storage Class Memory (SCM) and DRAM technologies to create a high-performance and ultra low latency In-Memory Storage system, and is driving a Tesla-like transformation of the datacenter by using typical commodity server hardware to do it.

Experienced Management Team

Our leadership team brings deep industry experience from industry-leading companies such as:
Violin Systems
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Team Members

Mark Stibitz

Mark Stibitz

Executive Chairman

Wears very interesting socks, purposefully mismatched

Jing Xie, CEO, headshot

Jing Xie

Chief Operating Officer

#3 teenage table tennis champion in Texas

Pramodh Pallapothu

VP of Engineering

 Passionate about his patented dance moves

Leslie Dalton

VP Sales

Stalks office-mates by phone, text, Slack, email, and desk visits

Bart Trojanowski

Linux Consultant / Software Architect

Can deadlift 500 pounds

Brett Miller headshot

Brett Miller

Field CTO

Licensed to drive oil tankers and other large vessels

Prasanth K headshot

Prasanth Krishnamoorthy


Lived on 3 continents and speaks 6 languages

Duane Johnson

Senior Enterprise IT Architect

Survived 3 sparring rounds with a professional featherweight boxer

John Poli

Director of Quality Assurance

Takes Halloween to the next level, using the kids as an excuse

Lara Kisielewska


Takes off-the-beaten track road trips whenever possible

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