Accelerate EC2 Instances with DRAM as Tier 0 Block Storage

The Fastest Performing Storage Available for AWS EC2 Instances

FORSA for AWS is the industry’s first cloud storage service that leverages DRAM in EC2 instances as Tier 0 storage for ultra-fast I/O performance. FORSA on AWS outperforms existing elastic block store for I/O-intensive workloads on AWS EC2 instances, dramatically increasing storage throughput while significantly reducing latency.
  • Extreme performance block storage in an EC2 instance with the performance of DRAM (10x faster than EBS volumes)
  • Protect provisioned DRAM block storage with patented BLINK backup and restore to EBS volumes
  • Run any workload on EC2 in memory at microseconds latencies without application or code modification

FORSA for AWS is available on m5, c5, and r5 type EC2 instances. Recommended instance type is m5.24xlarge.

million IOPs


microsecond latency

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FORSA Brings Tier 0 Storage to AWS