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How Does Intel Optane Persistent Memory Increase Performance for I/O intensive Workloads?


Andy Rudoff

Senior Principle Engineer, INTEL

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Brett Miller headshot
Brett Miller

Field CTO, Formulus Black

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Scott Hanson

Business Development Director, Melillo Consulting


Learn from the experts. Andy Rudoff, Senior Software Engineer at Intel, will present a technical brief on Intel’s Optane persistent memory and the advantages of using Optane PMem in App Direct Mode. Find out:

  • What is Optane PMem?

  • How is it different from PCIe NAND flash storage products?

  • What is the best way to deploy it?

  • How does FORSA™ improve Optane PMem?

Have you been wondering whether persistent memory can get you to your results faster?

Persistent memory is a new class of memory launched by Intel to support fast data. Persistent memory enables data to be preserved across power cycles and system crashes and functions like an SSD, except with much higher performance due to installing as a DIMM in the memory channel.

Formulus Black combines in-memory access speed with the data protection, virtualization, and management features of enterprise storage in FORSA, its In-Memory Storage virtualization solution. FORSA enables data-driven applications to leverage memory as high-performance storage media using commodity hardware, without the need for code modification.

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