Unmatched Performance for Data-Intensive Workloads

Drastically Outperform NVMe Using In-Memory Storage Virtualization

Unlike legacy solutions that rely on peripheral storage, FORSA accelerates the performance of I/O-intensive applications by running them on In-Memory Storage on either AMD- or Intel-based hardware, without the need to rewrite code. Because FORSA reduces storage latency to microseconds, you can achieve the same level of application performance while utilizing fewer cores. 
FORSA combines in-memory access speed with enterprise storage features such as enhanced data protection and lifecycle management via clone, snapshot, BLINK backup and restore, and support for deployment in both virtualized and bare metal computing environments.

Key FORSA Advantages

0 %
I/O-Intensive Applications

Unlock 31% more performance on the same Optane PMem system operations

2 x
In-Memory Storage Capacity

2–20x more raw data stored in memory

0 %
Total Cost of Ownership

51% better price performance for data-intensive workloads


1 x
PostgreSQL Performance

Up to 70x faster queries

1 x
Oracle Database Performance

9x more TPS than SSD

RocksDB Performance

20.9 million IOPS and <5 μs ave latency per server*

Any Workload,

Unlike current approaches that force performance applications onto expensive specialized hardware or purpose-built “in-memory” apps, FORSA simply works, allowing any application to benefit from in-memory performance.

Easy Setup & Management

FORSA pools physical server memory and enables its use as a high-performance storage media for low-latency and I/O intensive applications. FORSA installs in minutes and can be managed via an intuitive GUI and RESTful APIs.

Increase Performance, Reduce Cost

Increase In-Memory Storage capacity through FORSA’s data deduplication algorithm. Reduce application licensing and infrastructure while improving performance.

The FORSA Difference

FORSA performs best with “write-heavy” or “transactional-heavy” workloads, landing “new” I/O or data in memory media (DRAM or Optane) faster than any other solution. FORSA has been tested and outperforms NetApp’s MAX Data and Linux native Optane drivers.

Formulus Bit Marker (FbM) is innovative software, methods, and algorithms that enable more user data to be effectively stored in memory (DRAM or Intel’s Optane PMem), reduce I/O, and enhance data security, while improving TCO. BitMarker increases the storage capacity in memory without the performance hit associated with traditional data compression and deduplication techniques.
Non-Uniform Random Access (NURA) is an advanced I/O management engine based on the concepts of NUMA that is unique to FORSA. It helps to optimize the performance of transactionally intensive applications on systems with multiple CPUs (perfect for OLTP / HTAP database workloads or as high performance compute side storage in HPC).

Unlike other In-Memory Storage solutions, FORSA does not require users to adopt a new proprietary file-system (ie: no MAXFS for MAX Data or DMO for MemVerge). FORSA developed its own unique software drivers for memory management and data placement and presents a POSIX-compliant block interface, allowing it to work with any existing file system or application without the need for file system or application modifications.

FORSA can use either DRAM or PMem to provision In-Memory Storage. FORSA developed its own I/O and memory management driver that can be used on both AMD and Intel platforms and works with systems that only have DRAM as well as systems that are configured with Intel Optane PMem.

Application-consistent memory state capture of the entire system in DRAM or persistent memory to local SSDs for data protection, backup, and recovery.

FORSA Cloud Compute (FC2) is the only cloud instance that enables storage via Optane in App Direct mode natively as part of its Infrastructure as a Service.

FORSA’s core technology is built on 19 granted and 35 pending patents. The solution has won a number of awards, including Best Overall Solution at Advanced Scale Forum 2019, Bronze Enterprise Data Storage Product of the Year 2019 from Storage Magazine, CRN’s 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups for 2019, and TechTarget’s Top Six Enterprise Data Storage Startups to Watch in 2020.
FORSA pools physical server memory and enables its use as a high-performance storage media for low-latency and I/O-intensive applications. FORSA installs in minutes and can be managed via an intuitive GUI and RESTful APIs.

Built on Patented Technology

Patents Pending

Multiple Options for Deploying FORSA

Deploy FORSA on existing Intel or AMD x86 systems

FORSA pre-loaded on integrated systems from OEMs such as Lenovo

Persistent memory-powered IaaS via Packet and other cloud platforms

Selected Applications

FORSA dramatically improves the performance of ANY I/O-intensive application without modification. Some industry-leading applications include:

Supported Environments

HardwareFirst and Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors
Operating Systems OS Version Kernel Version

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*MemTable Prefix Hash (Prefix Range Query)
 Read While Write Performance @ 80K Writes / Second